Grrr times 100

Blind (Senses Series Book 1) - Xavier Neal

A serial is a whole story broken into installments. Or a story written/published in installments, the point is that they don't have a concrete ending.


A series relates to a set of books that are connected. And in romancelandia,They have HEA's dammit!


So calling this book 1 in the Senses series  is very very misleading, because it's a freaking serial...*sigh* so now, I'm not only pissed because I read a serial ( which I freaking hate) , but I'm also feeling gypped, because IMO this was mislabeled.


Oh also neither character is all that great, the H is an asshole, screwing anything that moves, while keeping his BFF, who he knows is in love with him she hears, and occasionally sees all his antics.


The heroine wasn't so hot either, first because she puts up with said antics, and also because she leads on another guy while trying to win the heart of the the other guy was pretty cool, so it bugs me even more that neither the h, nor any of her friends saw anything wrong with what she was doing.


Despite my dislike of both MC's though, Xavier Neal has a pretty engaging writing style, and I was just starting to get into the story, - i thought the mc's assholery was over and done with- when the book ended. Which sucks more, because 1 ( in case you missed it), I hate serials, and 2) if for some reason I decide to torture myself with the next installment, ( which I'm guessing also wouldn't have a HEA) I feel like either one or both mc's would've regressed and turned back into yeah, No.


2 ish stars.