Not my cuppa

Scar Tissue: Paradise Falls, Book 1 - Abigail Graham

Okay, so just FYI, 'Book 1' really means 'Part 1’ so, yup, this is a serial :( ...which if I'd paid more attention, I would've known as the author is nice enough to let us know this, right on the title page....sorta think it should've gone on the cover, or in the summary as I think those usually get more attention paid to them, but still, she did mention it.


But this means I won't be reading anymore, mostly because, I  really am not a fan of these piece-meal stories, but also because, despite the pretty decent writing, the story itself, IMO wasn't terribly memorable, so by the time the next book comes out, I doubt I'd remember anything that happened in this one... it's like one those movies that takes place in those small towns where the cops are all crooked assholes, and in comes the hero to save the day! Not a bad story, just one I feel like I've read before yeah, it's just not for me.

Remember though, just because I wasn't a fan, doesn't mean you won't be! The writing really wasn't bad, and the hero wasn't bad ( I wish there'd been more of his pov, though!) so If you don't mind the serial format, and (IMO) the somewhat familiar storyline, who knows? you might like this one, more than I did :)

2.5 stars