This was so so so good!

Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers Book 1) - Rachel Aaron


I loved being surprised by books/authors! Totally didn't expect this to be this good! Almost totally from the hero's point of view, NDFL actually has less romance than I'm used to...well really it has almost no romance ( there's a kiss, iirc) but there is the possibility for more in the next book, which I now can't wait for! 



I know that doesn't tell you much about the book, but I don't know what else to say besides: Give it a chance! So much happens it's hard not to get sucked in...

I haven't been able to concentrate on or get into any urban fantasy/ pnr's in months ( even from authors I usually love), but I couldn't put this one down!



4.9 stars....the only thing better IMO, was if we'd gotten more of the Hero's gamer-ness...I mean, he spent all of his time growing up, playing computer games, so I'd have liked that to have played more of a part in his the very least references to some games would've been nice :)



ETA: just really looked at  the cover and I'm actually not a fan, so I'm glad I pretty much ignored it, before picking this up!