Another day, Another DNF :(

No Regrets (His Every Whim Spin Off Novel) - Liliana Rhodes


So there's Nothing wrong with the writing, but I'm in a mood, and honestly, it's just not working for me. Maybe I'm being nitpicky or just over thinking it, but I keep getting annoyed by things, ESP how slow the first chapters were and then how quickly things seem to move between the h and H.


Specifically, when The hero and heroine meet and have a conversation ( and I'm using that term loosely) that lasted all of a minute and suddenly the H knows how determined the heroine is, knows how smart and dedicated she is, and how different from other women she is...from a one minute convo!? There's no mentioned of googling her, or checking her facebook, so PI s, no background checks. He just knows things about her....uh huh, sure.

Then another thing that bugged me is that part of their first convo, is literally the H telling the heroine she dropped something and walking away. Now screw chivalry, basic manners say unless you're physically unable, you stop and help her pick her stuff up, so I'll admit I was all kinds of annoyed that the H just walked away...was that supposed to be suave? Or cool? Because IMO it was neither, and more douchey than anything.


And then the heroine goes on and on about how there's no good plus sized clothing available...and maybe that was true 10 years ago, but it isn't anymore. Most major department stores have entire plus size sections, and there are quite a few plus size only stores out there....but even if you lived in bumfuck wherever, and you didn't have any brick and mortar stores around, there's this magical thing called the internet that makes the lack of said stores a moot point.


So yeah, I'm annoyed and not interested in giving this any more of my time, but again, if you aren't easily annoyed than you may like this one..