Passion - Jordan Silver

So I've read Jordan Silver titles before, so I sorta kinda knew what I was getting into with this one, and I knew not to take it too seriously....but having said that, the h, for a good portion of the book, cusses all the damn time. Seriously like every other word! To be fair, I curse too, quite a bit really, but this heroines' excessive bitches and fuck yous , and assholes ....gah! She was just so over the top and....tiring really.


Then there's the Hero who's less alpha and more asshole...honestly, there were a few times I think the word " abusive" would've fit better.


And then keep in mind these two main characters are supposedly in high school, but this is no where near a YA title. Disregard their language and you'd think they were much older adults....immature ones, yes, but adults none the less.

So, 2 ish stars, maybe? ...I was going to say at least I finished it, but now I'm debating if that's really such a good thing.


Oh side note: if bad editing jobs offend you, that's another reason to stay away from this title! And look at the cover! They don't even look like teenagers!!