Keepin it short(ish)

Hold on Tight - Abbi Glines

Keep in mind, I've read maybe one, possibly two books in the Sea Breeze series. Having said that, Abbi Glines Hold On tight, was a decent enough read, let's say, 3 ish stars. The main characters, I think were new-adultish, or at least the heroine was, I don't remember how old the hero was, but I think he was mid 20's. 


Also so this book uses flashbacks...some I thought were necessary, some I dint see the point of, other than to make the story longer.

Anyway, I, for the most part like AG's writing style, ( at least in this book) but my main issue was with the Hero....dude was kinda slutty....anytime he wasn't with the heroine, her kid, or his parents, he had his hands down some random girls pants, up her shirt, or his tongue shoved in her mouth...and this was after he reconnected with the h!


And how the heroine is okay knowing that one of her coworkers, as well as her boss screwed him? Yeah, that's beyond me. I mean It's one thing to know your guy has been with other chicks, it's another to run in to said chicks, every-freaking-where, let alone work day in and day out with them! Gah!