Relatively Famous - Heather  Leigh

Okays. So...I'm sorta torn on on how to rate Relatively Famous. One one hand, I was entertained, so....yay :)

On the other, in regards to the H's identity, the h misses some very easy clues, that she really shouldn't have. Also she seems to get over things a little too easily, and the storyline with her dad was only barely touched. Oh and it's all from the heroines point of view, where as I prefer reading dual perspectives. Lastly, while the book doesn't have a major cliffhanger, it is left open ended....we get to a certain point in their story, and when it just ends.......

So yeah...altogether it was an alright read I did find it hard to put down, but those irritants I just mentioned really irritated me, so let's say 2.5 to 3ish stars.


on a side note, I'm really not feeling this cover :(