least it was a quick read.

The Alpha Mating Game: A BBW Shifter Romance - Dawn Steele was okay... Ish. Well,  once I got past the fact that the H didn't really get interested in the heroine until she was literally the last chick on earth (seriously, how does the h, find this flattering of all things?!)....oh wait, it wasn't til after she lost quite a bit of weight too, that he finally paid any attention to her. Yeah, a real prize this ass hat is. To be fair, if you can forget his jackass-iness, he gets more palatable in the second half of the book...still don't like him, though.


The whole story is from the heroines point of view, so it's hard to get past the Hero's douchery...she tells us he's changed. But not getting inside his head makes it hard to believe that....I keep thinking if some stereotypical babe came outta the woodwork, he'd forget all about the h.


Also there wasn't enough depth for me...and it was too short, and even though, iirc, the two MC's didn't have sex right off the bat, I can't help but think they got together waaaay too soon.


And more world building would've been nice.


Also while I liked the zombie-ness of the story, I coulda done with out all the [spoiler]
shifter [/spoiler]
 stuff. It sorta didn't mesh well, and just seemed sorta random...I like the idea, I just don't think it was carried out as well as it could've been.


So yeah,1.5 to 2 stars, but if there's another book in the series, I'd give it a shot....but only if the hero's less of an asshole.


oh and also, the title doesn't really come into play til the very end of the book, and even then only marginally. i know people get mad when the images on the cover of books don't match the characters in the story, but what's irritating me is that this title seems wrong..or just didn't fit, IMO. Meh...just one more thing I didn't like about it.