Cute but sorta wished I liked it more....

Dragons & Dirigibles (The Gaslight Chronicles) - Cindy Spencer Pape

A fun read all around, though I have to admit to being twice as excited for the next book, especially if the next book's Tom's and/or Nell's :)


Having said that, this IMO lacked a bit of depth, as the H and h, Victor and Melody's transitions from being' you're all wrong for me' to 'your the only one for me', a a bit too sudden for sec they're opposed to each other as a mate, the next their perfect for each other?! I think a more gradual getting together would have been more believable.


Also on a side note, I skipped the previous book, Ashes and Alchemy, and was missing or confusing bits, and iirc, no spoilers for that one either, so now I can go back and read it too :)


I also  have to admit to wishing 

that dragons played an actual  a part of the  story. Talk about a let down!

(show spoiler)


3.5 stars.