Hmm...2.5 to 3-ish stars, me thinks.

Mating Brand was entertaining, but IMO it seemed like there were too many sex scenes. However, I've enjoyed LD's titles before,so I might just be in the mood for something plot heavy, which this definitely isn't.


Also a lot of the reasoning didn't make sense, or wasn't fully explained, and/or changed.... Like the h mating with the dude not the H....first I thought the dudes dad wanted them to mate, then I was under the impression, that non-H himself chose the h, then I was back to thinking it was his dads plan, then I decided I just didn't care anymore. And on the h's side, I couldn't tell if she chose to mate the non-H to protect her family, or of her parents made her mate him... Again. I decided I really just didn't care, but it was irritating none the less...


Oh also there are bits of the story that we don't get, that I'd have love to have read...ESP when the h and H first meet, we get a bit, but I'd have loved to see how things developed into a relationship...also the H goes after a bad guy but we don't get to read it! Seriously?

So yeah...3 ish ( maybe a tiny bit less) stars.