Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

What a hard book to rate! On one hand I was totally engrossed in this emotionally charged book!...on the other I spent a lot of time being mad and frustrated.


So the story: basically the h's bf is a tool and cheats on her with her BFF. Then she moves in with the H, and they have chemistry which grows into more....which would be great, but uh oh, the H has a gf. A very nice and super kind gf ( who has a secret we, and the h don't find out til more than 50% into the book!)

So yeah, it's hard to figure out how I felt about this. One one hand, I really wanted the gf to be a would've made it so much easier to hate her if she'd been a bitch. But it also would've been horrifically predictable, so I'm also kinda glad she wasn't a bitch. (On a side note this was still sorta predictable, I figured out how it was gonna end, pretty early on)


Then there's the H who I think was my real problem. He kept choosing the gf, over the h time and time again. We kept hearing about how much he loved his gf, and even at the end, it's the gf who walks hard to believe the H could ever love the h as much as he loved the gf. He even tells the h, and okay this is out of context and a sorta [spoiler]
he'd go back to the gf, if she wanted him [/spoiler].
 And he mentions to us, the reader, that when he's with the h he only thinks about her. And when he's with his gf he only thinks about said gf...and that just rubbed me the wrong way.... So yeah, it's really hard to buy the HEA. Even at the end, where the H has to convince the h, she's it for him.,.it just didn't work for me maybe because for 3/4ths of the book, he's trying to desperately stay with his gf. Even if it's understandable to so,e degree, even if I can see his reasoning, I just couldn't help but be annoyed at and unimpressed by him too.


Add to the that, the h never gets angry, never has a 'fuck you asshole' moment, she's just so constantly understanding. And it was just so damn irritating. I really just wanted her to make an attempt to move on. Even if she thought she wouldn't be successful, I really wanted to see her try, and it annoys me to no end that she didn't.

But like I said, well written and engrossing. I just can't stop being mad at these characters, even though a lot of what they said/did was understandable. And dammit, I really wanted to like this one, and okay to some extent I did, but rating this any higher than 3 stars, 3.5 at most seems wrong.

I'm probably the odd one out though, reading this, I can see how a lot of people could love it, it's just not for me, I guess.