Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase

So let me start by saying I really wanted to like Defining destiny. I mean rocker heroes have their own appeal, but I'm a sucker for rock star heroines, (maybe cuz there so few of them!) so when I saw the summary for this, I was pretty stoked.

Then came the part, where I actually read the book. And while the writing style was pretty decent, I couldn't  stand these characters! The hero, the heroine, or their mutual best friend ( who as a side character should have stayed on the side, dammit!). There were a couple more characters strewn about but I had a hard time keeping them straight.

Okay now, there are SPOILERS ahead, so only keep reading if you don't mind them!

So the story: the rock star heroine find outs that her soul mate/ lover/boyfriend/ band member, has been cheating and flat out lying to her, so she goes home to her BFF, who happened to make a new BFF, the  H, who is a self proclaimed man whore ( which we don't really see). So ours mc's meet, sparks fly. The Heroine is pretty Adamant she won't go back to her jerk faced  ex, ( except for a couple times), even if he is her one and only soul mate.  so she feels free to move on with H. The H is just as sure she will go back to her soul mate, eventually. But they ( the H and h)  figure that since she can't see herself with her soul mate now, then she might as well screw around with the H! But they cant seem me to work things out, so it comes to the question of will they or won't they. ( will they/won't they get together? Get past their own issues /trust each other. Etc.

So let's start with the H....While the he wasn't married, he was in a previous relationship with some one ( his soul mate) who dies. So he  was the pretty much  a widower hero...what does that mean? He spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about his previous lover( at one point, iirc, right after he's had sex with the heroine!)

And this is a personal gripe of mine, I hate widower stories! Hate them ,hate them  hate them! because how on earth am I supposed to believe in a HEA for the H and h, if his previous, relationship  was so so great! And the if it' was with his one and only soul mate, of all people! There's a lot of time spent with the h moving on from her very much alive ( though douchey) soul mate, but  not nearly enough time spent with the H moving on from his deceased one. In fact, IMO he really hasn't dealt with it, and could probably use a therapist ( why wasn't that mentioned?in this world, it's a thing,  People apparently have relationships after their mates die, so wouldn't therapy be a good way of showing people there is still life to live, post death/loss of the other halves of their souls?) and the fact that's it's not even mentioned as an option, makes me think the H's depression/ grief will make a comeback and blow up in their faces and that  this HEA isn't much of one, but instead is a HFN.

And the heroine. She's a little wishy washy,and while I didn't really care for her, I can't put it into words why I couldn't connect with her.

The worst though, IMO wast their best friend, who was IMO more bitchy and whiny than supportive...I sorta feel like the author forgot this wasn't said BFF's story, and just had her in the book waaaaay too much... It sorta felt like the friend was fed up with not being the focus, not being in the limelight, and tried to  shove the heroine  out of her own story. And the H spends a little too much time checking out the T and A of said best friend, grrr. It might happen in real life, but in my fiction, a romance novel no less, it just doesn't fucking belong.

Oh and another thing that bugged me  was and the whole soul mates thing, itself as it's  never explained! At all! Can you grrrr and a half? We're just dumped into a world, where apparently, everyone has a soul mate, it's not just something some people believe, while other people think it's totally bull, no, its a real thing, that happens in this book....but the whole concept is never explained, which means there are a lot of, what exactly a soul mate is/does? How often do people find their mates? Is it just luck of the draw? You just happen to come across them and bam! Or is there more to it than that? And how come finding your soul mate doesn't mean, they'll stay faithful ( if you've found your damn soul mate, why the hell would you needs or even want  to cheat?) And if it's your soul mate you've lost, just by their very title, how could you move on, and have any sort of meaningful relationship,  with someone who isn't, literally, your other half? Doesn't that screw things up for the other person in the relationship? You're pining away for someone else, someone who is literally the other half of you, but since you can't be with them, you just move on to someone else? Someone else who is not the other half of you? Yeah, sorry that just doesn't work, IMO. Especially not in what's supposed to be a romance.  I just couldn't buy it, 2 stars.

Keep in mind  that quite a few other people seemed to like this one, so it just be me who couldn't mesh with this story.