In Blood and Worth Loving 3: Kiss - Marilyn Lee

2 stars, but that's being generous.

Keep in mind though, that I didn't read book 1 or 2 ...which means some bits of the story and terms didn't make sense to me. Really though, I just didn't like the back and forth back and forth between the MC' the characters themselves pretty much sucked...the hero was a douche, the heroine wasn't fleshed out enough for me to like her, but she kept getting suckered in by the H which makes me doubt her intelligence,and most of the secondary characters pushing the h towards the douchey H pissed me off.

Having said that, i think this will be my last time reading one of Ms lee's titles...while she's a decent writer, her heroes leave a lot to be desired.....everyone of of them have been douchebag cheaters and it's getting old.

Oh one more thing, iirc, there's a somewhat detailed rape scene in this book, so if that's an issue, you may want to skip this book.