Push the Envelope - Rochelle Paige

2 stars mostly because I finished it. The writing is sorta 'young' ( that's a nicer way of saying amateurish) and not very much actually happens within the story, with the exception of a bit of melodrama near the end of the book( eye rolling melodrama, IMO). The characters are ridiculously cookie cutter: the beautiful but doesn't know it heroine with very little worldly experience, and an over the top jealous hero, who was supposed to be a player, though we don't actually see that.

It's very easy to read, though keep in mind, there are quite a few sex scenes (too many, me thinks, so much so that I mostly skimmed them) and iirc, a good amount of cursing, so if either bugs you, this may not be for you. Overall, IMO, this is another author with potential that just hasn't been realized...both the characters and the story need a lot of fleshing out, but the bare bones weren't bad.