Calmly, Carefully, Completely - Tammy Falkner

3.5 stars

An enjoyable,easy, fast read, if a bit campy...and a few spots could've used a proofreader. It would've been 4 stars but for two things. 1) it's too short. Maybe it's just me, but the story felt incomplete, like it ended before it was supposed to. There could've been a lot more, ESP with Pete( the H) and the kids he met at Reagan's (the h) family's farm, as well as with the other reed boys...we get very little of them, IMO. In particular, there's far too little Sam. He's supposed to be a part of Pete, and we get next to no scenes with him in them! It just doesn't mesh with the story, IMO.



Okay, and 2) Was because I got irritated at the h for something and while it's not a huge spoiler, I'd feel better using the tags, so If you must know, (and animal lovers may wanna read this)  

the h has a dog that she supposedly loves. Now I've never had a dog,( I've got a couple cats tho) but I would think, if you grew up around animals, and one started throwing up, and feeling as much as this dog seemed to, you'd take her to the vet, at the very freaking least google her symptoms, just do something, dammit!, other than repeatedly willfully ignore it! I hate when animals die unnecessarily, especially in fiction where it's rarely if ever actually necessary!

(show spoiler)

But like I said, a fun read, if not quite as awesome as I'd hoped.