Maybe This Time - Chantal Fernando

2 stars me thinks. Maybe 2.25....

I don't feel like writing a proper review, so here's a list (and a not particularly well written one at that)  of all the stuff that bugged me:

We're dumped into the story, no background info, everything happens at light speed, including resolutions to any and all problems and there's literally no buildup to anything, but in particular with the relationships...the h moves to town and everything seems to happen immediately (everybody just fucking loves her!), oh and then there's 
Melodrama galore! And a hero who does douchey things and a heroine who forgives him far too easily, characters that take actions that make no sense what so ever, the ending's a cop out, and oh those non sensical characters also don't sound anything at all like the NA's they're supposed to be, but rather much younger....there may have been a few other things, but those were the big ones. YA's and/ or younger na's might like this one though, or anyone who's not looking for a lot of depth. It's not a bad idea, but i think i just wanted more that what i got.