Seven years

Seven Years - Dannika Dark

Okay so I liked the idea of Seven Years ....and I like Dannika Dark's writing style but a few things bothered me.

In the beginning of the book, the h makes it seem like she's sooo old, and she can't believe she's not married and doesn't have a passel of kids yet, and her life is over. She's 27! Twenty-freaking-seven! I get what Ms Dark was going for, or at least I think i do, but as someone who's older than that, I have to admit, I sorta kinda wanted to smack her heroine.

Now, I managed to get over that annoyance,  and enjoyed the book until around the second half... When there were a few too many things that either didn't make sense, or I just didn't buy:

Like the sheer awesomeness of the h's brother...the way the h describes him, he sounds like the bestest big brother ever....but that didn't really mesh with someone obsessed with immortality, and getting it for himself. Or okay, maybe we just didn't learn enough about him, for me to believe it.

Oh and the h's father manages to rescue her as a baby only to treat her like she's worthless? ( i.e. 'you're not my blood, so what the hell do I are what happens to you?!') To be fair, it is explained later on in the book why he was the way hew was, but either it was too little too late, or the explanation just didn't work.... Really, though it was probably some combination of both.

And the h was a little bit of a marysue...I mean it's explained that her status as a shifter on the verge of changing and going into heat ( which, btw was actually pretty tame, imo) is the reason for it, but it felt like all the male characters would get intro'd and they'd just adore the h...for no real reason, at least not one that I could see.

And the H is an alpha, but doesn't seem like it. Like he has wolf shifter powers, so he gets obeyed but that's it...the way he's characterized doesn't seem very alpha.

oh and both mc's seemed younger than their years. A few times i had to remind myself, that I wasn't reading about college aged characters.

As for the romance's hard to explain why this didn't work. It wasn't insta-love, I don't think. Honestly, the way it's written, at least to me, is that both the MC's spend a good chunk of the book unsure if they really want the other. And they don't make a decision until 3/4ths of the way through the book....And neither characters really goes after the other. Oh, but there is sex. And jealousy. And exes.

So yeah....I know that it sounds like a lot, but really, it just reminds me of learning how to write papers in school ....start with an idea and use the rest of the paper to support and sell said idea.... Well I just wasn't sold.

As for a rating, let's say 3.5 stars for the first half, and 2 for the second half.