Accidentally In Love With...A God?  - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Okay, so....Accidentally in love with... a god?:  the heroine has a voice in her head and decides she wants it gone, so she basically does what the voice says and releases him from his prison (and make him a real boy!), and then a whole shit load of stuff happens.

I can't really explain any more...not cuz I don't wanna but because honestly I was pretty lost for a good bit of this book.  I can tell you independent pieces of the story but not how they all tie together. And the h kept making these decisions, that I'm sure made sense to her, but as the reader, left me more confused than ever.

And the the way the story is told,  we get the h's first person pov, then Hero's third person one, starting with his memories/flashbacks of his life before he was nothing but a disembodied voice  then later, we move into the present ...but the Hero in his perspective is IMO, vastly different than the hero in the heroines' pov....there's just this dissonance between the two characterizations of the Hero, that it made me confused yes, but pissed off and frustrated seems to fit better.

Also it felt like the story took forever to really start. It dragged and dragged until the hero got a a body of his own, then it picked up....only to drag again later. It got to the point where I ended up putting this down quite a few times...I think i read a handful of books, before i finally finished it. And honestly,  and if i hadn't made it so far in the book, I probably would have stopped reading altogether.

Which is too  bad, becasue I really liked the idea, and the beginning of the book, was pretty good. the story just seems to get in over its head...Maybe add in a little bit more of the h's reasoning behind her actions, and a good third, i think could be taken out (as it is, it's just too long!), and the overall story would be exponentially improved. 2.5 stars.

Thanks to netgalley,  Mimi Jean Pamfiloff , and  Grand Central for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review :)