One To Hold - Tia Louise

So One to Hold is a hard book to rate because while I loved Ms Louise's writing style, there were a few bits of the story I wasn't too happy about.

As for as a summary goes, this isn't a very long book, so all I'll give you is: So, the H and h meet at a resort. And they get involved at said resort. Only both of them are hiding things....

Okay so, my issues:



1)There's a lot of fact I think the first 1/2 is mostly sex scenes with only a few bits of story woven in. If that's what you like, then Congrats you found the perfect book! I'm generally more of a story girl myself, so luckily, after the mid point of the book, we actually get some significant bits of plot.



2) The BFF, wasn't much of a BFF. There were a few things she said/did....they weren't weren't illegal, or evil. or bad, even. but they weren't what a BFF would do,IMO, so it was hard to like her.

3) The H. He does something douchey....but, (and this may be confusing because describing this without giving anything away is freaking hard) it's not so much what he did, as the fact that he did it, that makes me question his hero-ness.

It's one thing if you read this sorta thing in a historical ( though I'm not a fan of it there either) but in a modern story, it makes me question the values of the hero. And that's very grrrr inducing. ( okay, if you really wanna know: He 'gets involved' with the h even though he knows she's married )

4)Lastly, the ending was a little too cookie cutter for me. I was sorta hoping for more of a surprise, though the epilogue from the H's point of view was nice.

Despite these minor irritants though, I enjoyed m first foray into Ms Louise's writing. I just think a longer book, with more story, would work a heck of a lot better. But again, I really liked One to Hold,  so much so, that I think I'm gonna go look up more Tia Louise titles!