A Great Kisser - Donna Kauffman Okay, I'm officially a Donna Kauffman fan now!This was a great book, pretty much the epitome of what a contemporary romance should be!It was a little long, and I did end up breaking it up...Reading the book in parts, taking a break, then reading some more, taking a break, ect... but being all to familiar with badly written romance novels, the extra length barely even registers as a negative!There's a tiny tiny bit of suspense thrown in, and there's a lot of introspection going on from both the Hero and heroine, and the overall story isn't as in your face as a lot of moderns are...It's more drawn out, and I couldn't help but really like both the main characters and want everything to work out for everyone! For the most part though, the book is exactly what it's classified as...A romance in a contemporary setting...Full of realistic attitudes and reactions and even dialogue all make this an excellent read!I can't wait to read more by Ms Kauffman!