Here Comes Trouble - Donna Kauffman I'm relatively new to Donna Kauffman... I've heard her name a few times before, but have only recently read anything by her (a couple of her newer titles), though I'm quickly becoming addicted :) In Here Comes trouble (and her other more recent titles) DK spends a lot of time inside her characters heads...There's sex,but unlike quite a few books within the genre it's not the focus of the book nor of the Hero and heroines relationship...It's important, yeah, but it's not the basis of it ...Rather it's the the relationship, itself, between the main characters and how and why they're together....Instead of a hero fighting himself, thinking he's not worthy of the h, or has been burned before and will have sex with the h but nothing more, or a heroine ...who allows the H to walk all over her, or lets her pride get in the way of...well everything, instead of all those often seen plot devices, DK lets her characters think! And reason and figure things out inside their heads and we're privy to it all!Oh, Oh oh! And they talk! to each other! Directly, and to the point, no constant misunderstandings, nothing blown out of proportion, or left unspoken. Maybe they don't figure out everything right off the bat (there wouldn't be a story if they did!), but seeing how they work things out without being hampered down by a bunch of outside forces (Bad guys or jealous exes, or revenge plots) is so different from the same ol', same ol' of the romance genre (which, while not all bad, can get tiring after a while) makes me twice as eager for her next release!though a quick note, while I like her books, she's not going to be for everyone...The story isn't face paced, and it isn't an edge of your seat thrill's slow and steady wins the race, and while I personally enjoyed it, it's also something to keep in mind if you're considering reading any of her (newer) titles.