Extreme Bachelor - Julia London Sort of up in the air aout this one...Maybe if it'd been longer and delved more deeply into the characters psyches (beyond the h's insecurities) I'd be more decided in my opnion. My major isue is that I don't like Slutty Hero's. And this hero is slutty. Even while fighting (and I use that term loosley as he didn't do a lot of fighting to keep her) he's constantly going off with other women...Albeit not romantically but still! How can the heroine not feel insecure if everytime she turns around he's in deep conversation or laughing with another woman? and then He reaches the conclusion that they can't be together remarkably easily! Seriously? He gives up? What kind of Romance hero does that? (and hey spoiler here: when the h at the end of the book decides she wants to make a go of it with the Hero, what dos she find? Oh yes, he's with yet another one! Seriously?)And the heroine... Yeah she's a priss. Pretty much sterotypical Hollywood. and while Her insecurities were understandable, her attraction to the Hero not so much. There's also a whole bunch of minor characters who didn't add a whole to the sotry. The story though was well told, and I do think JL's a decent if not better writer then most, and while I didn't like her characters, they were well drawn . This just wan't my cuppa. On a side note, I didn't read the first Thrill Seekers book, and I was fine.