Hold Back the Dark - Eileen Carr Looking for good romantic suspense novel? One that keeps you guessing (while hanging on to the edge of your seat)? That impresses you with a well researched storyline? Ohh and characters that make you wish they were real?Well then look elsewhere, because this ain't it!I spent about two months trying to read this The only reason I kept going was because I dint' want another half finished book littering my Mt. TBR pile. Even then, it's because I took it to work with me on days I knew it'd be slow, and my only choice would be to either read or do nothing (though this book was so aggravating Most days the doing nothing actually sounded better!) as it's been a while, since i began this one, so there are most likely a number of aspects that I'm forgetting, but to be honest, I consider that a blessing. A few things that I can't seem to forget no matter how hard I try:The Hero (and his partner) are prime examples of why people don't generally like cops. Their attitudes and their tendency to stick with conclusions without any real evidence make it nearly impossible to like either of 'em. The overall story runs like a badly written cop show but with even less research, and the heroine's definitely a made for TV therapist; questionable (but not necessarily bad) ethics, action with very little thought, and a need for further education made me want to slap her more then once. The kicker however was the kitschy phrases used throughout the book. This book was published in '09, and the number of times the hero says "True Dat" and the few times the phrase "My mama didn't raise no fool" showed up just about drove me crazy!I couldn't tell if Ms Carr was trying to be cute of funny or both, but whatever her intention, she fell way below the mark!So if you want Good Romantic Suspense, go with Karen Rose, Laura Griffin, Shannon K Butcher and older Linda Howard titles....but skip this one altogether! The thing that throws me off the most, is the amount of good reviews this got! I know people have different tastes, but are you kidding me? Are people just not aware of the good RS books out there? Because how this piece of rubbish could be confused with a truly well written one, is beyond me!