Wild: The Pack of St. James - Noelle Mack First thing: There are a few spoilers, but none that give away the ending, so I didn't choose to hide my review, but JIC, be warned. Well at the moment I'm currently reading 39 books....the majority of which are so bad that I can't seem to finish them, but at the same time, are one's I'm not yet ready to toss in the towel for......So regarding Wild, the first book in Noelle Mack's "The Pack of St. James" the good news Is I made it the whole way through the book in under a day...but honestly, that's pretty much the most positive thing I can say about it. The overall story was pretty good...but there are just so many problems with it. Inconsistencies, for one...For example, She meets the H's valet when she spends a few days in the H's home..then later sees him, and wonders who he is....um huh?The world building is also only marginally touched upon and most of it’s a b it dull. We don’t really get into the Para side of things… at least not as in depth as I’d have liked. There’s little if anything about Alpha’s or pack dynamics or even mating (The Hero wants to mate with the h, but we never learn what that means!) Next comes the story ideas that never go anywhere...Her dad tries to blackmail her, then tries to blackmail the H, but doesn't get his way, and then...nothing. We don't know what happens to him. We do know the bad guy is using him, but we don't know what ultimately happens to him. There's also a way the bad guy is using someone close to the Hero to do his dirty work, but then that never comes to light! (even after that particular story line ends!)Then Ms Mack does this thing where she gets you excited about something that should be coming up...like oh the Heroine has a deep dark secret she has to share with the H. Or The H has to grovel for being an idiot or explain to her what being with him means. But instead of getting to see those scenes, she glosses over them: -Like when the hero ignores the heroine for weeks, and as far as she knows, he does so for no reason. So when he finally decides he can't take being away from her anymore, (and as far as the reader knows, he's only thought of her once through all those weeks he's spent apart from her) it's time for some groveling...or at least some explaining.....Sounds like it’d be a really good scene, right? But all Ms Mack says "It took two hours for him to convince her to come with him"...that's it. Did he grovel? Was it enough? Did he explain anything? we don't know! Another annoying factor was that about 90 percent of the chapters start off “A few hours later” or "A few days later" or "a few weeks later" ...she skips so much! If it happened only once or twice, it wouldn't have been an issue, but almost ever other chapter starts off that way!And then there’s the sex scenes... I had two major issues with them. One is the use of the word "Cunny"...I mean seriously? That's the best word you could come up with? And it's used throughout the whole freaking book! Then there's the fact that the heroine has a rod....um..huh? Does someone need a lesson in anatomy? Women don't have rods!Okay….so I made it through the book. At least now I know I don’t have to bother with the rest of the series.