Night Spell - Sydney Somers Both of these stories are quick, easy and fun:The first story (Say you're Mine) was the first in the Spellbound series, and it got 4.5 stars......I loved the story, the characters, the world...basically the whole damn thing. It was a great intro to the series, and honestly, I think I may like it a bit more then her Shadow Destroyers series (though they're pretty awesome too) It's only down side, was that it was a tad short, but regardless, it was so good, that I started the next book in the series,Don't Let Go as soon as I finished the book and am about to buy [b:Whatever It Takes|6587492|Whatever It Takes Spellbound, Book 3|Sydney Somers||6781015] the 3rd one :)The second story (Call me Cupid) gets 4 stars...There wasn't anything wrong with it...It was very cute and again, short, but there IMO at least, didn't seem to be as much going on as there was in "Say You're mine". There were a few steamier scenes though that pretty much (for me, anyway) make up for the 'just okay' story...If you liked Groundhog Day (I didn't) then you'll like the story.