Through Shattered Light - Tielle St. Clare Okay, first thing to keep in mind is the basic story line is a tad ridiculous. If you can get over that, or if in general, the ridiculous doesn't bother you, then the next thing you should keep in mind that the plot is barely there. It's more in the background, used as an excuse for sex...and there's sooo much sex! It seems like every couple pages there's another sex scene. Not unexpected (It is Ellora's Cave, after all ) nor is it necessarily bad, but the fact that the fairytale-ish storyline hardly had a presence made all the sex seem more gratuitous that titillating. It got so bad I actually started skimming (and I never skim!) Also regarding all the the sex (the tons and tons and tons of sex) ... keep in mind, there are a few f/f scenes... along with a whole assortment of other pairings...I think there's one menage scene...or rather only one that really counts, but other then that the H and h are pretty much stuck on each other, though there's sort of a no holds barred for everybody else. Having said that, Through Shattered Light wasn't a bad read ...cute and quick (I finished it in a day) it was an okay read. The end was cute (though a bit on the nauseatingly saccharine side) The end implies a sequel..I went to Ms St Clare's website but didn't see anything related...Maybe she hasn't written it yet or it's in an anthology, either way I'd give it a chance. If you want me to categorize it......I wouldn't call this a "run out and buy a copy asap" read, but rather an okay book if you can get a copy, but if you can't, you're not missing much.