The Fall of Troy - Marilyn Lee ( I don't think this contains any direct spoilers but may have a few implied ones, so just be warned) The Fall of Troy Wasn't bad, but wasn't keeper material either. It's a Rubenesque Romance, so the heroine's plus size, and ML did a good job writing her heroine and her insecurities. Also the sex scenes were pretty damn hot (not the spiciest you'll ever read, but pretty good, IMO). The not so good part? The whole romantic relationship b/w the H and h, felt shallow at best. I don't really know why either one was into the other, besides the afore mentioned hot sex. Also the H was a little aggravating in his "I don't want to commit-itis". And the fact that the h more or less manipulates the H into doing what she wants? Not exactly what HEA's should be made of, again IMO. Oh, also, if you're against Heroes who have sex with non-heroine women (after he's met and slept with the heroine) then you probably want to find another read. I'm usually not a fan of it either, but somehow ML made it work...Still not my favorite plot device, but it didn't piss me off as much as it usually does. I think I'd have liked it more if the h had at least tried to move on as well, though I understandw hy she didn't. I read the e-book, but if I had the print version of this, It wouldn't be going on my permanent shelf, though I do plan on reading more of Ms Lee's worth a read, but not any shelf space.