Lords of the Were - Bianca D'Arc An alright overall story, though not really a keeper...For me it's probably becasue Ms D'Arc's style of wrtiting bugs the bejesus out of me...The story feels sort of like a fantasy (with para elements) but with modern language...Think Urban LOTR....For me, it was very disconcerting and nearly impossible to read it in one sitting. I had to keep taking breaks becasue I kept getting annoyed! But if you liked any of Bianca D'Arc's previous titles, chances are, you'll like this one too. It was a pretty decent story, though a little underdeveloped and things moved even quicker than I'm used to (even for Romance novels!). Oh and the world building was a bit on the scant side as well. We get a few details , but not really enought to really understand the world she's trying to put together. The characters were all okay...They didn't really stand out, but I didn't hate them either. If it wasn't for my issue with the way she writes, I pobably would have liked this a whole lot more. Keep in mind, that (at least IMO) if you've read and disliked her previous titles, this probably won't change your mind.