Love at First Bight  - Tymber Dalton 3 stars.It was initially 4 stars but TD uses the "it was all a dream" plot device that left me feeling cheated, so much so that even though there was still a bit left after that part, I had to push myself to finish the book (whereas I'd gotten through the first 3/4ths of the story relatively quickly).If you disregard that part of the story, it’s pretty good. Not the best sci-fi erotica out there, but a far cry from the worst as well. I liked all the characters, but a little more back-story would have been nice. And it’s not a very in-depth story, so if that’s what you’re after, look elsewhere. All together, it’s a pretty light read (only a little angst) and is a pretty easy to get through even with the bit I didn’t like.Oh and while this is most definitely erotica (or if you prefer, Romantica) it almost seems like erotica-light. It had all the requisite sex scenes, but they weren’t nearly as intense as I’m used to reading --which isn’t necessarily bad (unless that’s what you’re looking for), it just surprised me. If you’re new to the genre, or to Ménages or M/M pairings this may be a good starting place for you to get an idea of what to expect.Also keep in mind the whole story is from the heroine’s point of view. While that usually annoys me to no end, it seemed to fit the story in this case (though I still would’ve preferred to get at few scenes at least from the H, the H, and the H’s point of view)And even though I wasn’t as happy with the ending as I’d have liked, there’s a sequel in the works that I have every intention of buying!