Touched by an Alien  - Gini Koch not a horribly bad book but aggravating beyond words....2.5 stars, I guess....keep in mind it's not a serious book...(I wish someone had told me that before I started reading!)On one hand it's very comic bookie, on the other it reads like a play where everyone is over acting, over dramatizing....pretty much over everything...soit gets tiring pretty is written in first person, something I usually don't enjoy, but it moves fairly quickly, so after the first couple pages I barely noticed.Also there were a bunch of bits I think were supposed to be comic relief, but just ended up falling flat...for me at least.Oh and the heroine is sarcastic all the damn time...literally...talking to her parents, flirting with  her Hero, fighting the bad guys, playing power games with the guys in charge....all the freaking time....which made it impossible to like her....she. could save the world a thousand times over, and I still don't think I could be a fan...Then there's the heroines use of the word fugly...she uses it all the time too...its like she's a one hit wonder...comes up with something marginally amusing, then overuses it to the point of insanity...and it really doesn't help that i hate that freaking word, either! One or two uses I could have been okay with, but its on every other page!Then there's all the religious undertones....I'm not really a fan of religion in any of my fiction so all the aliens fleeing their own planet because their beliefs didn't coincide with the rest of their world...and all the heroines comparisons to mainstream religions were not particular the hitler references....or the fact that the bad guy was literally the devil.... So if you're a fan of comic books, you might enjoy this....I mean really, the writing stlye  wasn't bad...but honestly  i just spent the whole thing being annoyed with everybody and every damn thing.