Promises in the Dark (Shadow Force, Book 2) - Stephanie Tyler So Stephanie Tyler Books make me happy. Having just finished Promises in the Dark though, I think I've developed a love/hate relationship with them, Love because they're just so damned good: page after page of well written story that demands you keep going hours longer then you mean too...strong characters that you cant help but like and care about, even when their not the main focus of the book, and bad guys who are....well bad...really really bad. It all comes together in a way that makes you want to go out and get every ST  title available knowing that each one will more or less take over you life...or at least your attention span  :P for a good long while. so after all those good things then why the hate? It's the damn wait between books! Drives me crazy every time! After reading one, you know your be antsy and on pins and freaking needles til you get another one!As far as Promises...." goes, it has everything I mentioned, and like most of Ms Tylers books, it makes you think as well, which for me is always a plus. Now I just have to figure out where I can find some patience while I wait for "In the Air Tonight" which is the next ShadowForce book, and doesn't release for about 9 months! almost a whole frigid year!