The Ideal Man - Julie Garwood 3.5 stars.I love Julie Garwood.  She's definitely a love it or hate it author, but I've always loved reading her books. Her stories may not be the most intricate, or  full of edge of your seat, nail biting suspense, but they're well written stories, that are fun, as well as ( aggravatingly) quick! Every time I finsih one, I want another! They're a great way to spend a few hours :) So as far as The ideal Man goes, it's on par with her other contemporaries... Everything moves at a quick pace,there a few chuckle worthy moments, and a whole slew of characters, some of whom I'd like to know more of, others who I'd like to see fall off a bridge somewhere...all fun, if a bit too predictable,  to read about though. It's definitely not my favorite of all her books, but I did enjoy it. The suspense was light, and sort of veered off course with the family stuff overtaking the plot with the bad guys...there is a side story  ( one of quite a few) that i was hoping set up the next book, involving one of Ellie's (our heroine) sister, but it gets resolved in the last part of the book.  as far as our man characters go, we get  a lot of info about our brilliant and a little too prefect heroine,and not nearly enough back story for our hero...all in all though, IMO they read like typical garwood  characters.If you've read JG before and didn't like her writing style, this won't really change your opinion; if she's new to you, this wouldn't be a terrible place to start, as theres no real connection to any of her other books, but I'd go with one of her  historicals, or if you don't read those, start off with [b: Heartbreaker|6440763|Heartbreaker|Julie Garwood||2604130], which IIRC, is where her Buchanan series begins.But like I said, the ideal man is a good, fun read, that established Garwood fans should enjoy, so long as they don't take it too seriously. Now I'm just crossing my fingers we won't have to wait the better part of a year to get our next JG fix. I received this Arc via netgalley :)