Hot For Nick (Siren Publishing) - Betty Womack 2.5 stars*sigh *. If it wasn't for the sex scenes I'd swear this H and h were teenagers....immature ones at that. So the   Hero and heroine meet and get engaged before the book even begins....the story literally starts  with the Hero breaking up with his h, and blaming her for something without a shred of evidence....He just thinks she did it, and so she must have done it! so our couple spend the majority of the book pissed at each other, and the hero  of course has to stick to the heroines side incase she meets with her supposed partner in  of course they have to have sex as often as possible never mind that he thinks she's a criminal and that she 'hates' him.  And the bad guy doesn't make sense in relation to other stuff that happens in the book!*Sigh* its been awhile since I've been so annoyed with a book, but at least I've finished it.... I'm not writing her off, but I'm not sure I'll be able to read this author again any time soon..