His Teddy Bear - Eve Langlais 3.5 starsAs far as novellas go, I really liked His Teddy Bear. It was cute and it was fun and it was all just so entertaining!...I loved the heroine and could totally identify with her...I liked the hero too( in particular, all his convincing of the heroine, lol), though would have loved to get more of him...his background, as well as his point of view. The story was a little short on plot...there is a main storyline, I just felt like with the limit on pages, it wasn't as delved into as it could have been...Everything moved too quickly for anything to be really satisfying....There's a lot of potential though! I would love to see Ms Lanlais' para folk/world exanded into a series with full length stories with a good deal of world building thrown in! As it is, i'm definitely looking forward to more Eve Langlais titles!