Romeo - Gail Faulkner Meh.... 2.5 stars. Honestly, this book is why I generally don't like wasn't terrible, I actually liked the quality of writing...what I didn't like was the barely there plot and either of the main characters...maybe if we'd gotten to know them more, I'd be able to say different, but as it stands, I took a break in the middle and then when I picked it back up, pretty much rushed to the end to get this one over with. On a side note (and this is a little bit of a rant), the thing that bugged me most is that the h's  doctor tells the H way too much info about her ( the heroine) I know it's a romance, and you've got to let some stuff go, and i know im probably taking this too seriously, but really? It's called doctor-patient confidentiality for a reason, and said doctor could lose his license with the amount of info he gave out, no matter how well he knows the Hero. As soon as I came across that bit, I  got pulled right outta the story and since it was so short I was never really given the chance to get over it...although really, it's so ridiculous that I'm not sure how I'd get over it, but I'd still have like the chance to try. I'm not writing Ms Faulkner off, but I think I'll see if she has any longer titles out before trying again.