Beauty and the Badge - Julie Miller As far as Harlequin titles go, I can honestly say this one waspretty darned good. I generally avoid the category's because I like long, drawn out stories, and while BatB can't claim the drawn-out bit, it was still a well written book. Even with a limited amount of pages Ms Miller manages to convey an entire story, including some history for both her not only do we get an interesting, if not wholly original, mystery, as well as a good dose of romance, but we get a chance to know her characters as well! The heroine was decent...pretty average, but the Hero, otherwise known as the badge,  has helped me realize that I like less then perfect, (not to mentionnon whore-ish) heroes... He was awesome! So much so, that I'm going on the hunt for more of Ms millers heroes  to see if I can find anymore :)So altogether a 3 & a half star read.