In the Air Tonight (Shadow Force, #3) - Stephanie Tyler Stepahnie Tyler is one of those authors who just makes my day. She takes commonly used tropes and transforms them from predictable, boring plot points into a entertaining story that kept surprising me, all throughout the book...I kept thinking oh, I so know what's going to happen next only to be happily proven wrong, again and again!My favorite part of Ms. Tyler's style is that she  always writes such tight and well woven stories, that no matter what's going on in RL, I know I'll enjoy what ever she's offering... And ITAT is no different. It's got interweaving plot lines, secondary characters it's hard not to love as much as the main ones, and it was just really hard to put down!Surprisingly, we don't get the big bad's point of view...I know some readers will miss it, but it's so common in the genre now, that I was happy for the break! Also, ITAT is classified as Romantic Suspense, but there's very little suspense, this is more of an action adventure romance, IMO.As far as complaints go, the only one I have is that now I've got wait a couple months to her next release!