The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) - Cinda Williams Chima Okay, so with the gray wolf throne, the 3rd book in the atypical YA Seven Realms  series,  CWC managed to  do what only a handful of authors can do....she's made me absurdly, ridiculously happy...Seriously I can't seem to stop grinning...of course in order to read the book, I spent an entire day avoiding people, and ignoring the phone and sleeping ages later than I should...all of which i haven't  done even once this year (whereas it used to be my normal reading habit)! So, now I'm  exhausted and a tad cranky but still impossibly happy..which if you think about it, is a weird place to be after reading tGWT, considering now, in all  likelihood I'll have to wait the better part of the year for the next (last?) installment.As fas as the book itself goes I'm a little lost as what to say .... It was so so good! And so much happened but at the same time, not nearly enough!it's one of those can't ( and don't really want to) put down reads.... Every page makes you want to read the next one, and the one after that and the one after that...and it makes you annoyed ( read: mad ) at any interruptions!( I snapped at I don't even remember how many people who tried to divert my attention, lol)So what else can I say about the, it's fast paced....the heroine despite having a thing for the hero ends up kissing a lot of non hero guys..... ( if anything, I have to say, being a proponent of  romance landia, that's the only part of the book that bugged me), the heroine manages to stand on her own, the hero finally learned the truth about the heroine( yay!) and still manages to both be the betrayed lover ( not literally) as well as the honor bound hero, at least IMO.Honestly, though, I loved  all the characters,  main and secondary alike!, but want more of them....There's so much about this book I loved, but cant figure out what else to ill just end with this is an awesome, great, fantastic read, and it's one of those books that has earned it's place on my keeper shelf!