Riptide - Cherry Adair 3.5 starsFor the most part an enjoyable read....though for the first half of the book, I had quite a few moments where I didn't like the hero...later on, though, ( after I took a break from the book to read some other new releases) I warmed up to him a bit more...I have to say thoug, hearing repeatedly that his cool, calm mr Spock routine was ingrained did get a bit aggravating. And honestly, hearing that someone is always, calm, cool and collected, and never gets annoyed by anything? that sounds more aggravating then hot, IMO.The heroine I liked a lot better, but wished we'd seen more of, in the beginning, her life in Sacramento, and in the end, her and nick's life on cutter cay, and on her island.The action, was jam packed....there was a lot of it, (in some places it felt more like keep away from the bad guys, and less story telling, if that makes was sorta like in an action movie, where a fight scene goes on a little too long, and you start to get bored?) and there were quite a few bad guys! Also there were a couple surprises thrown in for good measure :)So yeah, enjoyable, but not a favorite read.