Playing Dirty  - Susan Andersen 3.5 starsMiddle of the roadI think thats the  best way to describe Susan Andersen's Playing Dirty . It's not bad, but it's not unbelievably great, either. If I'd gotten the paperback version, I'd  probably swap it. 'Ive only read a few SA books, but it's well written...and despite being book three in this series, this pretty much read as a stand alone... There were a few mentions of previous books, but nothing that made me feel lost, and better yet, there weren't real spoilers, so if I wanted to go back and read the first 2 books, I could still do so, without already knowing what happens.Now as far as the main characters go...they were all right. They didn't sparkle, the didn't shine brighter than any H and h before them, but I didn't hate them. The heroine was a little  too stubborn, though with her history it is understandable....still I couldn't help be a little aggravated with her.  As for the Hero...meh... He was okay, but honestly now that I've finished the book, I'm already forgetting all about him....not exactly the marks of the greatest hero ever, huh?Having said that I think my major issue is that there's not really enough story....there's a side story re: stolen diamonds, that felt a lot like filler, rather then a necessary part of the story...the 'bad guy' was pretty inept but I'm not sure if that very trait was supposed to be funny or not...i sorta kinda thought he was just ridiculous, and I wish he'd never been mentioned. It just didn't feel like the H and 's relationship really was like one minute, they coexisted with a shared history, and then the next they were in a 'relationship' yeah, an okay way to pass the time, but not a 'must read' by any means.