Wings  - Aprilynne Pike Meh. 3 stars, maybe even 3.5Wings wasn't bad, but the title makes me feel gypped... Like there should have been more intense PNR elements, and the fact that there wasn't means I finished this feeling pretty disappointed, rather then eager to start the next fact at this point I'm still pretty undecided if I'll be reading it all.The story itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't gut wrenching, or addicting, nor did it have characters I cared all that much about... Which since I'm not exactly a YA, made me even more weary of the genre then I was to start with.And for the majority of the book, the heroine, who is our narrator, is sorta just there...and stuff happens to her, and that's what drives the story. And the romance aspect of it.... Grrr the heroine makes her choice at the end of the book between her two possible heroes, but IMO she only picks who she picks cuz he's opposed to picking him cuz she actally wants, or even likes him...I mean seriously? Am I really supposed to be ahppy with that endin?And the world building, while not bad didn't pull me in either....I can't say I really cared for any of it, sorta felt like what we were told was all the stuff on the fringe, rather then any in depth info.Lastly, (and again) the whole story is from the heroines point of view, which I know doesn't bug some readers, but drives me crazy! I like getting other characters pov's! It rounds out the story, and give us a better idea of what's going on....while some authors can pull off telling a story from just one characters perspective, I don't think Ms Pike one is one of them....having said that, I think one of my bigger issues with the story was the narrow there wasn't enough story to really interest me...So yeah, 3 stars, 3.5 at's not a horrible way to spend some time, but not it's not one I'd recommend either.