Once and Again (Petal Georgia, #1) - Lauren Dane Not bad, I haven't  read a modern by LD in a while, ( read: years-ish)So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Once and Again....I really liked the heroine, and her dedication to her family, and putting them,or rather her younger brother, first, though at times she almost seems a little too good to be true. The hero I liked as well, but would have loved more from his point of view, maybe even more of his backstory....IMO the whole book, was more the heroines story, and the guy was only included because he was her Hero.The story itself was sorta short, but  the ending was a tad abrupt...and there were a few scenes I would have liked to have seen (read), that got skipped over....so,altogether this better then expected read gets 3.5 stars from me :)