Burning up Flint - Laurann Dohner 3 stars.So the first book in the cyborg seduction series is pretty damn hot...There's not much story beyond the relationship between the H and & h, and there was one time I really didn't like the heroine, and another few times I wasn't too fond of the hero, ( he wasn't very hero like in a few places, IMO) but by far this is one of the better erotica titles I've read...definitley not the best, but an enjoyable read, none the less....though I have to say the synopsis is misleading, the bone of contention it mentions ( the hero being contracted to other cyborg women for breeding) is only a few pages long, so  while it is an important part of the book, the whole story doesn't revolve around it.Altogether this was a easy, not to mention short (130 pages) read.