Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini Huh....So for the most par I enjoyed Starcrossed.... As long as I forget certain aspects of it... Like how one of the characters says, or maye he thought it, ( and I'm paraphrasing here)   a true lady never cheapens herself with foul language'...seriously? Am I not supposed to be offended by that?And the heroine was painted as very innocent... when it came to her relationship with her hero, she made few if any of the decisions... He decided something, so that's just the way it was...  I know he's painted as more experienced of the two, but she didn't need to have a say at all, really?Maybe the fact that I'm older then this books' intended audience is playing a part, but was that aspect of her character supposed to make me like her? But the coup de grâce  was when the author used this overused, beyond aggravating plot device that keeps coming up in ya supernatural reads....and dammit, now I'm so pissed off, there's a good chance I wont even bother with the next book.,,I mean was it absoletly necessary to  Make our main characters think they were related? Seriously? like readers of the genre haven't seen that before? And of course, of course  the book ends that way, so now if I do want to read the rest of their story I've got to wait for the next book...Which at this point I'm too frustrated to even consider.  Despite how it sounds, I didn't hate the was entertaining, if not a favorite... The mythology/ storyline was pretty interesting, and the world building wasn't bad....I'd enjoy learning more, of was just so aggravated!So 2.5 stars... But if I manage to forget all the bits that bugged me, (which admittedly are easier to remember then the bits that I actually  liked), then i may raise the rating to 3 stars.