The Ruby Kiss - Helen Scott Taylor Okay, so I spent the majority of the Ruby kiss annoyed ( and that's being kind) First things first, this is book 3 in a  series....which i wish I'd have known before starting. The story was pretty easy to follow, but I think by not reading the first two books,  I missed in on some world building...Ruby Kiss jumps right into the story, with no preamble, no background, just get pushed right in the middle of the world, so it's a little disorienting.The world itself, I liked. It was interesting and I'd have liked to learn more about it. And I loved the premise! It just sounded like it could've been such a good story! Now of only said premise had delivered. What I didn't like is sorta hard  to put into words....the story doesn't follow the path I expected....while I usually like surprises, here it just made me mad...Things happened and the characters reactions were completely opposite what I'd been expecting or hoping,that it all came off as ridiculous.For example, and I'll attempt not to give anything away, but the heroine gets forced to do something that I thought was pretty major....she's mad for like a second, and then is all understanding was sort of sickening, really. And If that doesn't already make it obvious, I really didn't like the heroine. Right from the start she annoyed me, and never got better...but I don't know how to put the why of it into words...she ( and coincidentally the hero as well as pretty much every other character in the book) were like kids playing make believe...all their actions, and reactions...none of them really rang true for me. And at least half of the things they did/ said didn't make any sense!And maybe it's just me, but there seemed to be quiet a lot of telling, not showing. We're told certain things about characters but we never see the evidence of those same things,  so there were, for me at least, a lot of huh? And WTH moments.And even for a romance things moved minute our H& h are strangers, the next they're on the verge of bonding...and that was another disappointment,..the bonding that HST created in her story...well it was weak....ESP in comparison to the bonding  other PNR authors be honest there bonding didn't even seem to have a point to it! Maybe it's unfair to compare it to the ones from other series, but at this point I'm too aggravated to be fair. And there are side characters that are gods and other seemingly kick ass beings, but they're just so limited in what they can do and in what they know...That they come off much like the heroine....they sound good at first but turn out to be pretty damn useless. That was probably one of the more frustrating parts of the story, IMO. I mean they're gods! But they kept losing battles...and not cuz the bad guys were just so bad, but because they( the good guys) were just so sucky...or I guess inept would be a better word. when they did win, it wasn't cuz they somehow got more powerful, no it was because the book was ending, so good has to triumph...even if they are a bunch of freaking pansies.And there was a lot....and I mean a lot of story to this book....which sounds like a good thing. But really it amounts to a lot of action, but very little characterization.... Something would happen , characters would react, but before we can really get a handle on that something else happens,  and that patterns flows throughout the book! Sowe never really  know the characters and why they do what they do. ( though we sure as hell, get told ( again as opposed to being shown) a bunch of times)I guess I'm just ticked off because this particular world doesn't operate the way I thought its would ....the way I wanted it to...or he'll, maybe it's because half of what happened was the very opposite of what I was expecting that I'm so aggrieved. More likely though, I'm just seriously disappointed. I mean this sounded like it could have been really good!Honestly I think at the core, Ms Taylor has talent. I just don't like the way she uses it. Her overall writing style is loads better then a number of other authors I've tried ( and abandoned). But instead of action after action I'd like to see backgrounds, (not just told after the fact either) and more of a concentration on characters motivations for things, rather then a continuous loop of reactions to their surroundings.Oh and this advanced copy  came from net galley ( and while I'm thankful, I have to mention that nowhere is it mentioned that this is book3... Can you say serious oversight?)2 stars.though I don't know how my view of this book,could have been affected by the first books....for all I know that's where all the background came in. I doubt it, but I had to mention it.Ooh also, if you've read this and it's bugging you, a pisky is the Cornish way of saying pixie...that about drove me insane!