Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) - C.C. Hunter 3 stars, though I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the books as a whole.It started slowly, IMO, or rather uninterestingly.... I did get more interested in the story as it progressed, but I don't think I was ever totally engaged by it. It might have been because of one of my own hang-ups in books told from only one perspective ( in this  case it's the heroine, kylie's POV)...I usually like books told from multiple points of view, so for me at least, the was definitely aggravating. On the other hand, the over all story was pretty interesting,  and I did get caught in trying to figure out the heroine's mystery...The world building was okay, I'd have liked a lot more of it though...we only get as much as Kylie gets, and she doesn't seem to know much. As far as characters go, I didn't really love anybody....I didn't hate anybody either....they were all sorta just there. Even the main character was just alright...actually there were times she annoyed me more then anyone else...a little to wishy washy, for me.Having said that, the overall story is pretty short, and to me, it I didn't feel like enough happened...I know there's a sequel, and I'm looking forward to reading it, but I sorta feel like BaM got shortchanged....or maybe it's just that everything seemed to happen at such a fast pace,that everything just flew by.....I don't know...  So I guess I'll just say, it's better than a  decent read, but nowhere near a Must Read. And honestly I think younger YA readers will enjoy it more than older ones.