The Key - Pauline Baird Jones I have to say I'm pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed the's definitely a lot better then other SFR attempts I've come across....the overall story kept surprising me, and it kept my attention/ interest pretty well, in spite of a few melodramatic and/ or confusing bits and the lack of alien world building (they're mentioned but only a few details are given). And I loved, loved the ending! The romance aspect could have used some work, though I'm not sure how to explain what was may have just been that it moved too issue would come up, then a page or two later, it was resolved...or it may have been something I can't seem to fit into just didn't feel like the tidal romance I'm accustomed too. ..whether or not, that's good or bad, I haven't figured out yet. I enjoyed the heroine for the most parts, but it's usually when we were getting her pov, that the melodramatic bits crept in. She was capable, and kick ass, and mostly what I like to see in a heroine .The hero was pretty awesome too, though the minute dreads were mentioned I kept seeing him as Ronan from 'Stargate: Atlantis'. He was very tough guy, without being an asshat about it...I don't know what else to say about him, although I'd have liked a little more from his perspective...or maybe a little bit more of his background. Also and these are both my own's a clean romance, no sex whatsoever, so if that's a deal breaker for you, be warned. I didn't know that going in, but was able to enjoy the book regardless. There's also no cursing, which only bothers me because of the substitutes used instead... Kicking someones trash? Really? But for all my own issues, there's a lot of story going on in this much happens, and there were times I couldn't seem to put it was just so beyond what I was expecting, so I'm giving it 3.9's not quite 4 stars, but it's still a damn good read.