The Jock - Jasmine LeVeaux So I'm getting over the vestiges of a cold, so my head's still a little cloudy, so this may not be very clear, but as there are no reviews for this on Gr, I wanted to at least attempt one, sooo....Is is possible to enjoy a romance even knowing the relationship b/w the H and h is an unhealthy one?I mean He's a manipulative, deluded, spoiled little boy and she's probably the most enabling enabler i've come across in a while....Also, she don't know she's beautiful, and despite having a few other guys... hot, nice, non douche bag guys into her, she only has eyes for the idiot of her youthful fantasies... really?But despite not really being a fan of either main character....or the H's best friend ( named Candy, who has an obsession with popping bubble gum and changing careers weekly all in the name of finding herself ) I was able to read the whole book....and not hate it. I didn't really like it....but I was entertained for the few hours it took me to read this...especially once I stopped taking it seriously. The story moves quickly, there's a side suspense storyline that's pretty irrelevant, and a whole slew of secondary characters given way too much face time. I'd only recommend this if you've got nothing better to do, or are passing time waiting for a must read to be released.3 stars, I guess.