Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology - Allison Brennan,  Cynthia Eden,  Jennifer Estep,  Nancy Haddock,  Misty Evans Okay, so this is an incomplete review....well okay, it's only a review of Cynthia Eden's story, because that's the main reason I bought this anthology....well that and the proceeds are all for the breast  cancer research fund....So as long as you keep in mind this is a SHORT story, you'll enjoy it... Obviously things can't be drawn out, so the pace is pretty fast, and what little we got re: the characters made me think I'd like 'em....the only downside really is that now I'm even more antsy for ms eden's next book to come out! So as far as short stories go, I'd rate this one between 3.5 and 4 stars.Having said that, I've got no plans to read the rest of the book...though I won't rule it out, and if I do read more of it, I'll edit my review...but if you like the other authors mentioned, and again keep in mind, the stories are short, I can only guess and say you'll find them entertaining :)