Crazy Kisses - Tara Janzen Every time I pick up one of Tara Janzens novels, I want to kick myself for waiting so long to read the next book in the series! They're so good! And they're great, IMO, for getting out of reading slumps ( where nothing you pick keeps your attention)!In crazy kisses, I have to say, I loved the hero, Kid! He was awesome! So kick ass, so tough but still honorable, such a good guy, and devoted, so devoted to his heroine! I think he's one of my all around favorite heroes!The heroine, Nikki...was an artist...and not being much of a modern art fan means I was predisposed to dislike fact I hated her in the first book, But TJ does a great job building her character....despite disliking 90% of modern art, I not only liked Nikki, but think I wouldn't have hated her artwork...not sure d have loved it, but def didn't hate it...and she comes off as pretty steadfast, but not over the top....she was thrown into some situations beyond what she was used to, and all her reactions were exactly what our tstl moments, no sudden super woman abilities.The side story lines...they suck you in, without overpowering the H and H's story, but still keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how everything was going to come together in those final moments...along with those side storylines, are the new characters....with each book it seems like TJ intros new ones, and each time. It's impossible no to like them, if not right away, then after she's built them up some....eventually I want each and everyone of their story's!Altogether, the only bad things were 1- no Dylan ( but the next book in the series is his, so that's okay),and 2- despite all the build up in previous books, the story wasn't quite as intense as I'd expected....the book moved super quick, and now that I've finished it, as good as it was, I want more!So 4 stars because I loved the characters so, so much, but 3.5 for the story.On a side note, technically this could be read as a stand alone, but if you've got acess to the the first books, I'd read them in order, Crazy Hot, Crazy Cool, Crazy wild, Crazy kisses, Crazy Love.